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Wednesday, 20 October 2010
If you are a bingo beginner player, don’t be shame of reading this, it will help you to play it. There are two kinds of bingo: the bingo with 90 balls and the Bingo with 70. You can play Bingo online or in your town. The online Bingo can be played for free or you can play some money on it! The rules: you have to get some cards. Each card has 15 numbers on it. 5 number per line. All of the balls go to a box and the dealer pick them up one by one until someone get a line.

When someone yells Bingo it means that someone got a full line. After that the game keep playing, you have to get 2 full lines to have a chance to win or a full card. It is very easy and don’t need to have a master to understand it!
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Wednesday, 06 October 2010
In The New South Wales, casinos, clubs and Hotel are in a middle of a conflict. An association protests against the fact that donation from casino are not good for association especially when they get this money from corruption. The fact is, last year the donation were lower than this year by 10. The opposition leader think that donation has to be done just by individual citizen rather than taking the risk to get money from corruption especially in politics area. The other side answered to this attack by telling them that nothing is wrong this money. Also, if the part from the casino, club and hotel is too important, politician won’t be able to be too refusing something to them and create new law against them if they need. The opposite group thought that they have to get donation from the voters of their party instead of big corporation.
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