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Cheat and poker
Thuesday, 17 August 2010
Poker is always about cheating for some people and especially when you are a French player among English payers. Honestly, when a English guy can get rid of you , they are quite happy even if they don’t say it. Also, once I was playing poker in a new Zealand pub and I was winning. In front of me a kiwi woman, it was one of my first time of playing poker so sometimes I was asking some advices. During the game, I showed my cards to a guy and I asked some advices. The woman told me that is forbidden in poker (at this time I didn’t know ir) and I decided to present my apologies. Few minutes later, the woman did exactly the same I said “ is it not forbidden?” she looked at her friend and said “what did she say?” she was using my accent against me. I told her “if I say Bi..ch, do you understand?”

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