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Home > Online gambling: The Belgians also fell under its spell
Online gambling: The Belgians also fell under its spell
Thursday, 11 March 2010
The Kingdom of Belgium doesn’t escape the online gambling fever that has touched the world for a few years. Our Belgian neighbours have spent almost 100 million Euros at online gambling sites, although the latter are still considered as outlaw by the Belgian law. According to a study financed by the National Lottery and focused on online gambling, no less than 145,000 players are regular players. An average player spends about 600 Euros per year on these sites and this figure could easily triple for a hooked player.

Despite the fact that sports betting sites and any other gambling site are totally prohibited in Belgium, people have no difficulty accessing offshore gambling sites located in Gibraltar or Malta. Among the Belgians’ favourite games, the poker game Texas Hold'em is well placed.

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