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Win to is 100 % of bonus on Casino Riva!
Thuesday, 22 December 2009
Throughout December Casino Riva spoils his players with the opportunity of these festivities of Christmas, and swamps you with presents with his Calendar of Christmas Riva! Every day, you have just to open your window Riva to discover what hides from it and to gain a crowd of bonuses.

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Because indeed you have the opportunity to take away until 100 % of additional bonuses every day! Then today do not miss any more this daily meeting and amass from now on your fortune on Casino Riva! You will have only to click the day window to discover the name of the game behind! And if you have a hesitation on its name, fast go to verify on the lobby of the games! Once found, you can participate in the drawing lots which will indicate ten happy winners who will take away bonuses going to 100 %!

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